The Home-Family Relationship

Environment affects action. It is a simple reality of our world. Humans are built to take in the space around them, evaluate it according to a set of inner heuristics, and then to react accordingly. It is a powerful and important part of our survival toolkit.

This fact is made clear in the home, where you and your family spend the majority of their time. If your home is a warm and inviting environment, then people will be more likely to congregate there. If it is uncomfortable, strangely decorated, or full of weird and distracting colors, then you might find your nest empty more often than not.

These effects are even more subtle than simply making people more comfortable, or more likely to come over. Clutter is one factor that can have a tremendously powerful impact on behavior. If your home is messy, unorganized, and full of useless clutter, then the minds of the people residing there will tend to be chaotic. As they look around, their minds will recoil at the avalanche of stimuli, and will adjust accordingly, making them more open to chaotic cluttered thoughts themselves.

By contrast if your home is neat, organized, and serene, than your family members will look around and their minds will melt easily into these characteristics, making them more able to react in a peaceful, organized, and serene matter.

Color is another important factor, especially if you are raising small children in this home. Color is one of the most powerful subconscious factors that people use to evaluate if an environment is safe or dangerous. Extreme colors such as bright oranges, reds, and yellows, will stimulate a persons mind, making them more alert. It will also make them more aggressive, and irritated. By contrast cool sage, gentle earth tones and dreamy blues will make the space more relaxed, and lethargic, for the people in your family.

When decorating your home it is important to pay attention to more than just the beauty or decorative nature of the space. You actually have to look below the surface, to see what the environment will mean to the subconscious minds of you and your family members. By paying attention to these subtle cues, you can nurture the sanity and strength, and health of the people that you love in a whole new way.

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