The Home-Family Relationship

Environment affects action. It is a simple reality of our world. Humans are built to take in the space around them, evaluate it according to a set of inner heuristics, and then to react accordingly. It is a powerful and important part of our survival toolkit.

This fact is made clear in the home, where you and your family spend the majority of their time. If your home is a warm and inviting environment, then people will be more likely to congregate there. If it is uncomfortable, strangely decorated, or full of weird and distracting colors, then you might find your nest empty more often than not.

These effects are even more subtle than simply making people more comfortable, or more likely to come over. Clutter is one factor that can have a tremendously powerful impact on behavior. If your home is messy, unorganized, and full of useless clutter, then the minds of the people residing there will tend to be chaotic. As they look around, their minds will recoil at the avalanche of stimuli, and will adjust accordingly, making them more open to chaotic cluttered thoughts themselves.

By contrast if your home is neat, organized, and serene, than your family members will look around and their minds will melt easily into these characteristics, making them more able to react in a peaceful, organized, and serene matter.

Color is another important factor, especially if you are raising small children in this home. Color is one of the most powerful subconscious factors that people use to evaluate if an environment is safe or dangerous. Extreme colors such as bright oranges, reds, and yellows, will stimulate a persons mind, making them more alert. It will also make them more aggressive, and irritated. By contrast cool sage, gentle earth tones and dreamy blues will make the space more relaxed, and lethargic, for the people in your family.

When decorating your home it is important to pay attention to more than just the beauty or decorative nature of the space. You actually have to look below the surface, to see what the environment will mean to the subconscious minds of you and your family members. By paying attention to these subtle cues, you can nurture the sanity and strength, and health of the people that you love in a whole new way.

Manage Home, Family and Work With These 5 Apps

People are busier than ever, making good use of personal time vital to achievement and success. In fact, I can easily say that both time management and financial management are two sides to the same coin.

Whether young or old, single or married, with children in the home or without, how well we use our time each day will pave the way to personal achievement. Here are five good apps that will enhance your quality of time each day.


SavingStar makes it easy to save on groceries and other online shopping. You earn cash back at the grocery store without clipping and sorting coupons.

By linking SavingStar to drugstore, supermarket, and other loyalty cards, you build cash using SavingStar redemption offers. You can even take a picture of store receipts to redeem for cash.

SavingStar automatically accumulates redemption values for deposit to bank, PayPal or Upromise accounts. Plus, you can apply your cash value at Starbucks, iTunes or AMC Theatres.

The beauty of SavingStar is that the coupons you choose are for typical stuff you regularly buy, such as beverages, snacks, diapers, fruits, vegetables and others. You also get a Healthy Offer of the Week like apples, tomatoes, grapes, and other fresh produce.

With SavingStar, you pay the normal price and the savings from the app coupons accumulate in your account. When you reach $5 or more, you can save the money in your personal bank account.

Key Ring

Millions of people like and use loyalty membership cards. They’re a quick and easy to carry method for getting store discounts. That is until your key ring is full of plastic loyalty card.

With Key Ring, the app becomes your loyalty and savings cards. Key Ring allows you to have loyalty cards, weekly store ads, coupons and shopping lists in one place stored on the app.

The app records each cards digital barcode and you can also capture a picture of each loyalty card for permanent storage. Key Ring is also great to use for membership cards, such as gyms, health clubs or other membership groups.


RedLaser is a barcode scanner and QR Code Reader, helping you shop smarter and more efficiently. RedLaser is great for comparing how much an item would cost if bought from a competitor, including Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, other nationally branded stores, and local merchandisers.

In addition to price comparisons, RedLaser shows nutritional information on varieties of different foods, along with product ratings and reviews. And, the app lets you share loyalty cards with family and friends to find best coupon deal


BigOven is known as a “take the effort out of cooking” app and really is that and more. BigOven features include saving recipes, creating shopping lists, planning menus, and modifying individual serving sizes.

BigOven offers a database of 350,000 recipes to easily plan personal or family meals. If you want to plan a meal, just drag-and-drop recipes to your calendar by day, week or month.

BigOven is also a sharing app, syncing with email, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. Scan in recipes and let the app do the digital text conversion.

While BigOven won’t replace the cookbook for all people, it really does give busy families a chance to have well balanced meals without eating up personal time in the process. And, every family member can help with meal planning.


Cozi could easily be the best app for any family. It truly is the modern family organizer.

With families seemingly heading in different directions at all times, Cozi allows the family to centralize each activity in one place using the app. This includes family calendars, shopping lists, recipes, to-do lists, appointments, journals, activities, etc.

For example, the recipe box with Cozi offers every family member input into meal planning and the Cozi journal lets families share photos, personal thoughts, and memories. So by using Cozi, everyone is in the know with all activities managed in one place in real-time.

Also, you can access and update on iPhone, tablets, or android devices across varying operating systems.

So the take away is that time is money in busy lives. Scheduling personal time and managing money really are separate sides of the same coin, and both need good decisions made on the fly.

How To Find A Great Deal When Shopping Online

No matter where you shop, you want to get the best deal for your money. Online shoppers are no different. Here are some ways to find great deals when shopping online.

Shop for deals online after a major holiday occurs. The best time for shopping is after Thanksgiving. Retailers in stores and online are looking to maximize their profits with your shopping dollar. Most of your favorite outlet stores will be offering popular items on sale at a fraction of the cost to attract more customers.

Some online retailers offer deals to customers that can’t be found in the stores. Special online deals allow people to shop from the comfort of their own home instead of standing in long lines outside the retail stores. They may offer free shipping for orders over a certain dollar amount.

Use coupons to shop at online stores. Check Sunday newspaper circulars. Some stores offer customers the option of using their coupons online. Since you have shipping and handling in addition to sales tax, online merchants will offer more money off with their coupons for online purchases.

Electronics are a popular item to purchase online. Check the comments made by other shoppers before purchasing. Their comments give you an idea of the quality and satisfaction you will receive from the product. Stores like Circuit City offer deals on their electronics which includes in-store pickup.

What they will ask you to do is to enter your address into the computer. They will give you the address of the closest store location and the availability of the product you seek. If the product is available, you have the option of paying online and picking it up in the store. You avoid shipping and handling and long lines in the store.

Sites like are always offering deals on all sorts of items. Some are new and some are refurbished. Be sure that the site you use is an authorized reseller of the selected product to avoid getting ripped off. Again, check comments from other shoppers that have used that site for shopping purchases.

Taking surveys can garner deals at shopping sites all across the Internet. Places like offer shopping deals to their members through daily bonus e-mails just for trying products for a trial period. Members also earn points towards gift cards and services for trying these offers. There is no cost to become a member. Just sign up and create a profile.

Deals are available to online shoppers, but you must know when and where to look. Online shopping offers the convenience of browsing and buying without leaving your home computer.

Online Shopping All About Online Price Comparison And Product Reviews

As the web grows every day, so do online enterprises and online price comparison websites. These sites have become necessary and handy for shoppers everywhere. Why? It’s simple. People like to spend their money. Companies offer more and more products to choose from. Whether it’s about clothing or gadgets, tools or equipment, musical instruments or PC hardware, there will always be someone to buy them. And for many people, the best place to start searching is the web. Online shopping has become so popular due to the fact that it not only offers the shopper the opportunity to shop from the comfort of their own home, but also because it offers a greater variety of products and the chance to choose the best ones.

But what is online price comparison all about? Again, it’s simple: a bunch of hard-working and determined people gather data and put together a website containing information about various products from many companies, all centralized in the same database, with plenty of information concerning value and other details. Usually, the given prices are the recommended retail prices, but every site states taxes and other additional payments.

So, online price comparison gives everyone the opportunity to find what they need quick and easy. There is no need to wander around the city searching for what suits them best. Also, for each and every person out there, with particular tastes and preferences concerning what clothes or perfumes they like to wear, what kind of food they like to eat and so on, the internet gives an easier alternative. Just a few clicks and you’re set. You can find anything online. No more exhausting and inconclusive searches. No more rude clerks or impatient shopkeepers. No more heavy traffic. Worst case scenario is that you have to take a ten minute walk to the postal office to pick up your package!

Concerning product reviews, their existence is just as useful and as necessary as online price comparison. Nowadays, the ones who profit greatly from the online shopping experience are teenagers. Thank God, they like to buy! IPods, video games, cool clothes, you name it! Most of the elderly are more reserved, but young people, as much as their budget allows, will generally spend meaningful amounts of money for a good time. Naturally, the desire for knowledge of a certain product planned for future purchase always comes to the mind of the buyers. This leads to the necessity of another valuable option on shopping websites that always comes along with online price comparison: product reviews.

Product reviews are all about the specifications of a certain product. Users comment and blog their likes and dislikes during the usage of the product. The reviews are frequently and mostly posted by the webmasters and consist in comments, tips & tricks, pictures of the device and others details, but there are also external links to sites in that specific area of expertise and of course to the official site of the producer.

Another instance of product reviews is the consumer forums. This is where many people log in and share opinions about what they’ve bought, where they’ve bought it and how it’s all been coming along since they’ve acquired that item. Even if forums like these are a good environment for information, it is better to listen to the advice of the product reviews. An item that has been bought and reviewed by the shopper will not have any outside influences in the official opinion.